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Sylvia Skinner
I Love to Teach because it’s Fun!

Never give up on a student, empower students to learn. I left school with nothing, but I became a primary teacher and I love to teach. Later I became a principal. I still teach, in . . .

Is it possible to stop bullying in schools
Sylvia Skinner
Is it Possible to Conquer Bullying In Schools?

Bullying in schools is prevalent but do we do anything about it? As a kid, Dan had been made a target of bullying since his first day at a new school in fifth grade. Dan learned to hate the bullies who would relentlessly bully him.

Change Disengaged Students
Sylvia Skinner
Disengaged Students Attitude

Disengaged students at school are unfortunate but all too common. One day, a student . . . walks in and announces ‘My dad killed my mum’.