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Use your brain or lose it
Sylvia Skinner
Use Your Brain or Lose It!

Learn to use your brain! Students often say ‘I can’t do this. I have no brains!’. My response is ‘We all have one, you just need to learn to use your brain’. Or ‘We all have brains – it’s just that some use it more than others’. Try it, you will be surprised how it stops them in their tracks.

Inclusion Agenda good or bad
Beth Thomas
The UK inclusion agenda: right for everyone?

I’ve been mulling over the UK inclusion agenda . . . but on a personal level, it has been hard to find . . . an appropriate school for my teenage son who has autism and sensory processing disorder.

Embracing Global Perspective
Sylvia Skinner
6 books to read for Global Perspective

As exciting as this new frontier is, it can be overwhelming (and scary) for students that haven’t received a global perspective in their education . . .