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Classroom Management

Classroom management that saves you time by organising your classroom and managing student behaviour with effective strategies.

Bulling in schools

Is it Possible to Conquer Bullying In Schools?

“Hey, half-caste! Get back to where you came from!” I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me. As teachers let’s explore what we can do to prevent bullying or help those kids who are being bullied.

Classroom Economy and how it works wonders

Classroom Economy And Why It Works

“Wow, the second bell has only just rung, and they’re already back in class and working! That’s amazing!” Victoria gasped. “It’s because of the new classroom economy system I’m using,” I explained.

Emotional Intelligence - 5 ways you can teach it

Emotional Intelligence: 5 Ways You Can Teach It

“Would it kill you to be a little kinder?” Baron, asked his partner, who seemed devoid of emotional intelligence. Interviewing witnesses was near impossible. We need to teach our students Emotional intelligence more than IQ.

5 Amazing Classroom Management Strategies

5 Amazing Classroom Management Strategies

Miss! – Tim took my yellow chair!’ cried Anna. ‘I didn’t, it’s mine!’ Tim shouted back. Perhaps I should use that classroom management strategy I read about recently.