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power of happiness to kill stress
Personal Development
Sylvia Skinner

The Power of Happiness to Kill Stress

“Hey, are you okay there? You look a little stressed,” Mike’s girlfriend, Linda, said as he stared blankly off to the side. Surely it can’t be stress, I love teaching.

Bulling in schools
Classroom Management
Sylvia Skinner

Is it Possible to Conquer Bullying In Schools?

“Hey, half-caste! Get back to where you came from!” I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me. As teachers let’s explore what we can do to prevent bullying or help those kids who are being bullied.

Time Management - the ivy lee method
Personal Development
Sylvia Skinner

A Time Management Plan Made Super Simple

When you’re working over 40 hours a week, time management is important. Trying to balance personal, social and work life, your school days can get crazy.

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