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Do you want to write for the Love to Teach Blog? You can earn 2000 credits ($20) for one approved article. First read, the Guest Writing Guidelines or the summary below.

Stop off task behaviour
Classroom Management
How Can You Stop Off-Task Behaviour?

Off-task behaviour. Let’s call this kind of student behaviour, ‘party breakers’ there’s always at least one in each class.

Would You Use Video conferencing
Use Video Conferencing in Teaching

Videoconferencing brings high-quality education to the doorstep of students who may be living in a remote area with no access to a nearby school.

Embracing Global Perspective
Empower Students
6 books to read for Global Perspective

As exciting as this new frontier is, it can be overwhelming (and scary) for students that haven’t received a global perspective in their education . . .

new teaching strategy
Empower Students
A New Teaching Strategy You Must Use

Teachers are always in pursuit of any new teaching strategy that will result in the most effective way to not only teach students, but to inspire them . . .

Top Feeling Overwhelmed
Stop Feeling Overwhelmed When Teaching

Feeling burnt out is a problem most of us experienced teachers are particularly susceptible to it. How to know if you’re feeling overwhelmed?

Interactive Tech in the Classroom
3 Ways to Use Tech in the Classroom

Although some classrooms are still reluctant to fully embrace the new role of tech in the classroom. Holding fast to more “traditional” methods . . .

Love to Teach Blog Writing

All articles MUST be approved by the I Love To Teach (ILTT) Writers Panel before publication. The best way to get approval is to make your article sincere and share what you love to teach in a unique way. Maybe you have a true story to share or something you have researched.

Guide Lines Summary

First, it’s good if you have a key phrase in bold font in the first paragraph. We like it if the title and at least three paragraphs have the key phrase.

Second, the Love to Teach blog readers like short paragraphs ie no bigger than 150 words. We also like lots of subheadings so we can scan your article to see if its something we want to read. Please make sure at least one subheading has your key phrase in it, so its SEO happy. Plus, we prefer articles to be a minimum of 1000 words.

Third, you must add at least one quality stock image, or even better would be your own unique photo. You can add up to five images because we just LOVE them, as we’re all visual learners. If you want to add a video from YouTube or one you made yourself then add the link. 

Lastly, you should make sure you know which topics we do not like.

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