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Mindset Articles

A positive Mindset can change the way you react in any circumstance. Try new things and change your mindset. Think outside the box.

Brain Based Learning
Ten Things to remember if you love Brain Based Learning

Do you love brain based learning? Our FREE ebook gives you 10 powerful and innovative ways to engage your students. This article explains the first one. Explore brain based learning, a powerful and innovative way to engage, develop and deepen understanding.

Make Time to Relax is best
Make Time to Relax

Make time to plan your break. Don’t over schedule! Just brainstorm the things you’d like to do on one sheet of paper. Circle five things only you would like to do and give so many days to each one. These are my five . . . . .

Top Feeling Overwhelmed
Stop Feeling Overwhelmed When Teaching

Feeling burnt out is a problem most of us experienced teachers are particularly susceptible to it. How to know if you’re feeling overwhelmed?

Morning Mindset
Start with the right morning mindset

Having the right morning mindset makes each teaching day an adventure rather than a chore. Even in the most difficult and coldest mornings . . .

De-stress Over the Holidays
5 ways to de-stress over the holidays

How to de-stress over the holidays and stop turning them into nightmares . . . Teachers, find it hard to let go and just have fun. There’s always that small voice checking in about what . . .

First Day Back to School
6 Tips for Your First Day Back to School

First day back to school is one experience every student has . . . But a child’s first day in your class can make or break their capacity for learning.

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