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What Can I Create?

As an ILTT Seller you can create anything.
Are you the go-to person for expertise in something?
Have you learnt something that was hard to learn?
Are you a school teacher with resources?

ILTT Sellers can create things like – a cooking video, a gardening ebook, how to build a website video series, student worksheets, clipart for products, or anything.


Become an ILTT Seller and Earn!

Become a Seller - sign up

1. Sign Up

Just sign-up and make sure you have a PayPal email to receive monthly Payouts.

Become a Seller - Add to shop

2. Create

Make your Shop attractive and add your digital teaching products.

Become a Seller - Monthly payout

3. Receive

Your Earnings are auto transferred monthly to your ILTT Seller's PayPal.

ILTT Sellers Can WIN Cash

Refer a Friend & receive 1000 credits ($10).
ILTT Sellers receive 100 credits ($1) for each product they upload.
Give feedback and receive credits.
The ILTT Member who earns the most credits WINS the monthly bonus.
If no-one gains 3000 credits, then the competition will close with NO winner.

ILTT Seller can WIN bonus CASH

FREE Seller

  • FREE + $1 set up
  • Keep 60% of your sales
  • Upload 200 MB files
  • Upload 50 MB Videos

PRO Seller

  • AUD $75 per year
  • Keep 90% of your sales
  • Upload 2 GB files
  • Upload 5 GB Videos
Beth Thomas

I am really excited about what this community has to offer. Made by teachers, for teachers is the best way of supporting one another in our busy and often overworked occupation. Regardless of where we are in the world, we all have one thing in common and that is wanting the best for the students we work with. What a great way to be supportive but also save time for ourselves too, by sharing our ideas and resources!

Beth Thomas

Early Years Teacher

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