Our Mission: Helping Students and Teachers In Need

Our mission is to provide a marketplace where teachers share and sell their educational resources while giving students and teachers in need a helping hand.

I Love to teach

Give a helping hand

I Love To Teach (ILTT) seeks to provide quality educational resources to use in remote under-resourced schools in Solomon Islands (SI). You can help us by adding your educational resources to our marketplace. Which is why we give you credits, for each resource you upload.

We also hold annual education workshops, free to SI teachers, which provides them with skills to pass on to their colleagues.

Every time you make a purchase or a sale, you help the ILTT Foundation give a helping hand to SI students and teachers in need. Eileen in the photo was my teacher aide. She is now a sought after primary school teacher, supported by ILTT.

Solomon Island Teacher Eileen supported by ILTT

I Love to teach

Students and Teachers In Need

During my primary school holidays I hold sewing workshops, just for a change from the school classroom. Yeah, that’s me in the picture with my real hair,  when its not straightened (I’m an Anglo Caribbean).

Here’s one of my Solomon Island X-militant workshops on the beach after the civil war. They’re learning to make their own tailored trousers with 3 hand sewing machines in one week. When you only have one or two pieces of clothing, you learn fast!

I have worked with many students and teachers in need over the fifteen years I lived there.  As ILTT grows we hope to reach other places in the world, thereby changing the world with Education.

Are you interested in taking an holiday in the Pacific Islands and giving up a day or half a day to share your teaching skills for free at our annual Education Workshops in Solomon Islands? Let us know by completing the contact form below. Tell us a little about yourself and your teaching experience. 

Adult Class, hand sewing their own trousers

I Love to teach

Give a little love

We believe in the power of excellent teaching. We support and connect teachers worldwide, helping them to improve children’s lives through education.

C. S. Lewis wrote “Do not waste time bothering whether you ‘love’ your neighbour; act as if you did”, (Matthew 29:39).

The I Love To Foundation is one avenue we can use to do this, by give a helping hand to students and teachers in need.

We are open to ideas and will endeavour to incorporate as many as we can that show potential to members, as we grow. Please contact us using the contact form below. We love to hear from ILTT members.

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