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Why ilTT Market?

ILTT Market was set up with the sole purpose to help teachers who love to teach, create what they know into teaching products to share and sell collectively on the I Love to Teach (ILTT) Market.

There are a lot of people who would love to be able to create a cool teaching product to teach others something, while being able to make a great living (even get rich!) from home, sitting in front of their computers. To make that become a reality you have to create products out of what you know and then get it out there to the world. But the Web has millions of little sites lost and unseen. So, we created the Love to Teach Market to collectively get our teaching resources shared and help others in need at the same time.

We thought to make it fun along the way too by adding a referral system and cash bonuses. Simply earn the most credits in the stated period to win the cash!

Market for What?

We aim to provide a collective ILTT Market space. A place where every seller has a Market Stall of their own, to sell teaching products which they have created.

Do you remember the markets of old, where sellers shouted their wares from their stall? Maybe some of you are not old enough? The plate stall was my favourite at the “Bull Ring” Market in Birmingham, UK.  Each Saturday, Dad would take us, and we’d watch the seller drop plates to the ground to attract passers-by to his plate sets for sale. Crash! There goes another – and the price is going down, Dad. Let’s buy it! No, wait – there goes another – smash! Price down again!  But now the web means we can Market to the whole world!

ILTT Market Rewards

Buying and Selling is all very well but we decided all work and no play, is no fun at all. So, we created a credits system to reward members for everything they do on the ILTT Market. 

Our platform provides a place for members to write articles for the Blog. If an article is approved for publication, we give members 2000 credits which equals a $20 discount. We have created other ways to earn rewards on the platform for referrals, product feedback, etc;

Members can of course use their credit discounts to purchase products but we added a bit more fun. The member with the highest total credits achieved within a stated period, wins the cash bonus!

Our aim is to make members time on the platform as pleasurable as possible and to give everyone opportunities to earn and be rewarded for their participation. The more a member uses the platform and sells, the more rewards they receive. 

Chit Chat Social

Chit Chat

Who doesn’t like to Chat? Especially with like minded people? So, we set up a private social network called ‘Chit Chat’, similar to Facebook, where teachers of all kinds can collaborate to improve their ideas and products. There are badges to gain for participation and more credits are gained for this interaction on the ILTT Market.

Chit Chat was set up so teachers don’t have to struggle along alone. If teachers can’t find what they need on the ILTT Market, they can post a request on ‘Chit Chat’. ILTT Sellers can choose to create a product that meets that need and place it on the ILTT Market for sale to everyone.

We also set up a School Teachers Collaboration group for those who need to share about school things. Plus, a Sellers Group for creators who want to share broader ideas for creating teaching and learning products. Members can of course join both groups. We might create other collaborative groups as we grow. 

Beyond the Market

We also set up the ILTT Market to enable us to give a helping hand to teachers in need. We do this by giving a substantial proportion of our revenue to help teachers in need in low income countries. Hence our logo – helping hands within a heart of love.

We are starting with Solomon Islands where we already have a close relationship with many teachers in need. The ‘Love to Teach Foundation’,  has been specifically set up to make this happen. 

Love to Teach members can also choose to become more involved, if they wish. Each year we hold an annual teacher collaborative workshop in the Islands where we give our teaching knowledge for free. Members, if they wish, can contact us to express their interest. Members will need to find their own flight and living costs but while on holiday each participant gets to meet teachers in another culture, sharing their own skills and knowledge. Where we can arrange it some might get to experience living with a Solomon Island Teacher’s family. 

Shaping the Future

By bringing each other’s creative passions and love for teaching together – we hope to provide a platform that will benefit many teachers across the globe.   The ILTT Market, is committed to sharing collective knowledge, and to getting useful information and practices into each other’s hands. Plus a little bit of fun added to the business.

It’s all about helping, and above all helping our learners – not just children in school but people of all ages everywhere – with the best available resources we can develop and bring to the Market.

Through what we all do on the ILTT Market, we can also help shape a better future for teachers in need. 

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