Helping Teachers In Need

We use our revenue to give students and teachers in need, a helping hand. We are focused on teachers professional development providing courses and educational resources that improve educational outcomes.

Sylvia Skinner - Helping Teachers in Need

I'm Sylvia Skinner an experienced
Educator and Researcher

I began my teaching career in Australia. My Honours research investigated how teachers succeed in teaching English in an ESL context.  

For 15 years I lived in Solomon Islands. Five of those years I served as Principal and Teacher. Developing and managing the budget, writing curriculum, teaching a class, and training teaching staff. The school became one of the top three, with students graduating in the top 20%.

I am currently teaching in Australia and creating PD courses for teachers.

we help
Teachers in need

I Love To Teach seeks to provide quality educational  resources to use in remote under-resourced schools in Solomon Islands. 

Eileen Fomani, in the photo, was trained and sponsored by I Love to Teach 101.  Eileen was my first trainee teacher, she is now a sought after primary teacher in the Islands.

Peter Tamani - helping teachers in need

Peter tamani our
Solomon island team manager

Peter served as Deputy Principal for the first five years at the school in Solomon Islands. during the time that I served as Principal. Later he stepped into the School Principal position.

Peter was also one of our teachers sponsored by I Love to Teach 101. As our Solomon Island Team Manager, he enables us to help students and teachers in need.

share your skills with
teachers in the islands?

Interested in taking an holiday and giving up a day or half a
day to share your teaching skills at our annual Education Workshops in Solomon Islands? – Contact us.

Every time you make a purchase or a sale, you help the Love To Teach Foundation give a helping hand to Solomon Island teachers in need. 

Ray Skinner - helping teachers in need

Ray Skinner our finance director & workshop facilitator

Ray is the official “behind the scenes” guy, for our team. Making sure the management of finances are secure. 

He also facilitates the annual Solomon Island Teacher Workshops. Teachers in Need receive free professional development. 

Always ready to help, Ray was fundamental to the success of the Primary School in the Islands.

WE use our revenue to
give a helping hand

C. S. Lewis wrote “Do not waste time bothering whether you ‘love’ your neighbour; act as if you did”, (Matthew 29:39).

The I Love To Teach Foundation is one avenue we can use to do this, by giving a helping hand to students and teachers in need..

Dumitru Cebotaru

Dumitru cebotaru our technical engineer

Dumitru is a Php Developer with many years of experience. He is an important member of our team as he keeps watch over the site and server making sure all is safe and secure. 

If you’re facing some issue on the site with downloading or uploading products he sorts it out. We do not want anyone to feel frustrated or alone with an issue that can be simply fixed by our ‘Tech Issues – Fix it’ Guy!

YOU can be part of the team
join us

Whether you take time to read our educational musings or complete one of our courses, or choose to purchase from our online shop, or open a stall in our shop, know that you are truly making a difference in the lives of others.