About Me

Hi, I’m Sylvia Skinner, a K-12 classroom teacher and I LOVE to teach.

I’ve taught 20+ years in the primary classroom and led a school for 5 years while teaching a foundation class full-time.

Now I’m teaching Art and history.

I love to read, paint, make pottery, sew clothes, and cook delicious meals.

This story is all about how my life got turned around when my hubby and I went to live and work in the Solomon Islands.

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But before we get to that, let's talk about You!

get off that time treadmill

You are a dedicated teacher, which means, like most classroom teachers, you probably work 60 hours or more per week, but a teacher’s contracted hours are actually 40 hours.

Are you treading time on a time treadmill that you never get off. Can you sustain that? 

I’ve seen so many teachers burnout and leave teaching. Don’t do that! You became a teacher to make a difference. Or as  Nelson Mandela said ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. 

I help teachers like YOU, get off that time treadmill, reduce their non-contracted hours, love to teach, get stuff done and live your life.

view from our back garden in Solomon Islands
Our backyard – the leaf roof in the forefront was our Solomon Island Traditional Motu Kitchen.

About how I got into teaching in the Islands

Back in ’86 was the first time we went overseas for seven years as part of the British Aid Programme in Solomon Islands

About a month into our arrival, Cyclone Namu hit. While my hubby took care of the hospital evacuation  I looked for ways I could help out.

‘You’re English, ok you can teach’. 

What? Hey I’m not a teacher. 

‘But you’re English so you can’. 

That’s how my teaching career started with a Foundation class of 72 kids (that’s not a typo) on a tropical island. 

It was a lot of fun but of course I made mistakes. The then principal from Australia made me promise to get my education degree when I returned to the UK. 

Building a new school

We wanted to be nearer the Islands so we emigrated to Western Australia (WA) but Edith Cowan Uni took me on once they saw my principal’s reference. 

So, I got my Education Degree and taught for several years in WA before returning to the Islands for another eight. 

I met many Solomon Island teachers who worked for zero or very little and there were not many schools there either.

So, this time, we helped build a school. I trained teachers, did the budget and accounts . . . all while teaching my Foundation class. BUT this time as Principal I could limit it to 24 kids even though we had a long waiting list.

You can bet your life, I learned about time management and teacher productivity.  

Now I’m back in Oz sharing what I learned with teachers like you.

School we built in Solomon Islands
The new School – some of the students and teachers back in 2009
I Love to Teach 101 giving a helping hand

Our revenue gives a helping hand to Solomon Island teachers in need.

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