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To get started on ILTT (I Love to Teach 101), zip through these 7 tips and tricks. Tips to find help, your private links. creating your own avatar, and uploading your products. Plus how to earn credits from Guest blogging and friend referrals. Lastly how to sign up. Remember, despite the fact that not everyone can nail an Australian accent, anyone, anywhere who loves to teach anything and everything can join ILTT. Just create your product to teach something to others, and add it to  your shop on ILTT’s Marketplace.

tip 1 - Find help

More tips and tricks

If you ever need help, simply scroll down to the footer and find the Knowledge Base link. There, you will find more tips and tricks to help you get started on ILTT. If that doesn’t work for you,  just head for the ‘Help’ button, bottom right of every page. If that fails, contact us

ILTT support can be contacted using another cleverly named resource: the ‘Submit a Request‘ form, located conveniently at the bottom of every page under the, ‘Support’ title. Please do not send us pictures of random insects found in your basement – just because we’re Australian does not mean we can identify your creatures. 

Tip 2 - private links

Private Links Menu

Whenever you want to do something on your account always start by aiming for your Avatar. As soon as you touch your Avatar, a menu of private links appear. Anytime you want to logout find the logout icon top right corner just left of the shopping basket.

The Blog link is the third menu link down from your Avatar. This is where you submit a guest article if you want to write for the blog. We’ve also made it easy for you to keep tabs on how many credits you have. Since, the fifth menu link down from your Avatar displays your total credits. Click the Credits link for further details. 

Sellers, you get an extra link, named the ‘ Sellers Dashboard’. This enables you to add digital products to your shop. If you’re not a Seller you won’t see this link so don’t panic, it’s not missing. It’s just hidden from your view.

Want to know where to find your ILTT purchases? Then, head for the ‘My Downloads’ link. This takes you to your ILTT purchases. If you can’t find a product that you desperately need post a request on our private Facebook style ‘Community Chat’ link near the bottom of the private links. An ILTT Seller might knock up a product to meet that need and place it on the marketplace for sale.

tip 3 - ADD AN Avatar

Add your Avatar to get started

It’s a great idea to create an Avatar. You don’t have to show your face if you’re shy or you don’t want anyone to know it’s you. You could use a photo of your favourite flower or object. It’s not rocket science and pretty simple to accomplish. 

Start by touching your Username at the top of any page and click the ‘About’ link. If you touch the big camera and add a photo, hey presto your Avatar appears. If you touch the small camera you can add a cover image to your space too.

Tip 4 - add a Product

Screen Shot 2019 05 13 at 11.51.45 PM

To get started selling on ILTT, you need to add a FREE product to you shop. Visitors to ILTT Marketplace test the value of your products by it. Here are some products created by one of our Sellers. All products, whether they are for a video teaching how to plant a tree, or for teachers teaching kids at school, or a video with an amazing cooking idea, are created in the same way.

First, start by clicking the ‘Sellers Dashboard’ link. Hey – only ILTT Sellers have this link so don’t go looking for it if you’re not an ILTT Seller.

Next, describe your product, choose some categories so buyers can find it on the menu and make the cover image eye-catching to attract visitors. Then you can create Videos to teach anyone, anything, or add a YouTube. You can also drop product files like docs, pdfs, PowerPoints etc; into the Zip box. Finally, price your product, submit it for approval and receive 100 credits (= $1 discount) as a Thank You for each product you add.

tip 5 - Guest Blog

Get Started Writing and Earning at ILTT Marketplace

If you want to Guest Blog, start by signing up and click your private blog link. Please make sure you read the ‘Guest Writing’ guide to get started on the right track. Since, we only publish articles that are approved by the moderator panel and they follow this guide. 

If an article you write is approved for publication on the ILTT Blog – an incredible honour, if we do say so ourselves – then you will receive 2000 ILTT Credits, which equals a $20 discount.

Please be aware that the Guest Blogging credits are not at present counted in the cash bonus competition calculations. 

tip 6 - refer a friend

Share with a Friend and earn ILTT credits

Touch your Avatar and click the ‘Refer a Friend’ link in the dropdown menu. The referral link displayed is your unique referral code. 

The member who referred their friend, and the person signing up, each receive 1000 ILTT Credits (which equals a $10 discount) per referral who completes their registration on ILTT. So, you earn while you get started on ILTT. These credits are counted in the monthly CASH bonus! Pays to know people, doesn’t it? 

We provide a referral link to share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, email or anywhere you like. That referral link tracks who you shared with and if any of them signed up. When they do, you and they, gain credits. 

ILTT credits give you discounts on ILTT purchases and also these credits could win you the monthly CASH bonus, if you gain the most credits in a month.

tip 7 - sign up to start

It’s easy just sign up for FREE to browse the Marketplace or as a FREE Seller with a $1 set-up fee so you can get started selling. Membership fees are non-refundable so we suggest you start as a FREE member. Once you’re sure you want to go to PRO – upgrade!


FREE Forever
  • Teaching Resources
  • Community Chat
  • Guest Blog Writing
  • Win CASH Bonuses


FREE $1 set-up
  • Keep 60% of all sales
  • Unlimited Products
  • Add 50 MB Videos
  • Add 200 MB Files


AUD $ 75 Yearly
  • Keep 90% of all sales
  • Unlimited Products
  • Add 5 GB Videos
  • Add 2 GB Files
Beth Thomas

I am really excited about what this community has to offer. What a great way to be supportive but also save time for ourselves too, by sharing our ideas and resources!

Beth Thomas

Early Years Teacher

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It's never been easier to start creating products to teach anyone, anything and everything.

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