7 Reasons Why Teachers Should Blog

Blogging in the current generation is easy, and it is why teachers should blog. In the present climate of isolation due to Coronavirus19 we have had a big shove into remote teaching and the need to use technology more.


A Class Blog is an ideal way to get students involved and turn up to online classes. An easy way to start is to use Edublogs is a school friendly site that service thousands of schools worldwide with free blogging facilities for your class.


In the last two years, statistics have shown that the use of technology in classrooms has increased, having many students from all over the world taking online classes. Despite this advancement, blogging in teaching has lagged, yet it is one technological concept that can significantly help in education. 


The website creation has been made easier by educators, and if you are a teacher without a blog, you are missing more than just being online. Many teachers are using blogs as:

  • An ePortfolio framework,
  • Students’ blogs,
  • Personal blogs for teaching,
  • Platforms for assigning homework and making announcements,
  • Posting blogs from real or online classrooms for collaboration and interactive forums.

Integrating the blogging concept into real or online classrooms can promote academic success and help a teacher in many ways.


1 – It Promotes Home-School Connection

A teacher should blog. It’s so easy to create a blog for addressing the events occurring in real or online classrooms. Parents can access my blog, and they can monitor the progress of their children. Students, on the other hand, can access announcements from anywhere by reading the class blog. They don’t have to wait until you check in with them.


2 – Blogging Is Free, Flexible And Versatile

All teachers should blog as it can cover any subject. I use a blog to store all my lessons and supplement the students with additional materials through blogs. It sure saves on photocopying. Both in the time it takes to do all that photocopying and the cost. More money to use on the resources I need. No more standing to wait for the photocopier to work or the copier is out of order! Plus, in this time of isolation due to the virus we cannot get to students easily anyway.


3 – Blogging Can Be Used To Enhance ICT Skills

I use my blog to organise assignments. For instance, posting homework online and listing due dates so that all the present and absent students can access the notification from anywhere. When a student gets back to class or online classes, they obtain the missed lessons and videos. Another student may have to show them where it is on the blog, and away they go. If it’s an online class students can volunteer to conference on zoom or Skype with that student and show them where the items are on the blog. No more passing on wrong information and so easy for students to catch up anywhere. Plus you can leave pre-recorded videos of yourself on the blog for students who missed check-ins.

Teachers, you are missing out if you do not have a teaching website

Teachers you are missing out if you do not have a teaching website

4 – It Aides In Personal Development

Most bloggers create an interactive section for readers to leave their comments and present their concern on some issues. Like any blogger, a teacher may create a comments section to receive feedback from parents. I find that discussions between students and the teacher are enhanced through such links as well. I also keep the website private, so my students and parents have a password to access it. [You don’t know who is out there].


5 – Enhances Lifelong Learning

An instructor may create student blogs to teach about online publishing, writing styles and techniques, and proper use of the internet. Teachers should blog so we can teach our students to create their blogs around the subject they are learning? This approach will help in building a better future career for students. Students can build their own individual blogs around a project assigned to them for the term.


6 – Teachers should blog for Authentic Audiences

Blogs provide a broader audience where students can post their work and create an avenue for them to receive feedback and gain self-improvement by contributions on a blog through comments. Learners can be focused more on their learning process and emphasise their target results instead of pleasing the audience: teachers and parents.


7 – Blogging Promotes Global Connections

Global connections are one of the best merits of blogging for an instructor and students. It helps in flattening classroom walls. Blogging partnership, for instance, can contribute much to knowing topics such as history, geography, cultures, linguistics, seasons, internet safety, and attend global classes.


You’re missing out if you don’t blog

With this tremendous change in methods of teaching, students interact more with internet accessories: tablets, computers, smartphones, and video chats software. Technology helps in motivating students to learn and reinforce the learning concepts. So, teachers, why not use it!

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