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5 Things You Need to be Happy About Teaching

Here are 5 things you need to be happy about teaching, that will blow away those anxieties about your new cohort. Stop, that worry thinking going on in your mind. Can I teach this new year level? Will I get on with the new teacher next door? Who will be my students – will they like me? Ugh, I’ve got the dreaded classroom no one wants. How am I ever going to teach all the curriculum? Listen worry won’t change a thing.

Instead, change your mindset by positively considering the five points below.

1 – No matter the year level

I do my research so I can be contented about teaching in the new year level. I take it as an opportunity to refresh what I do. It makes me check up on the national curriculum instead of just going with what was done last year and tweaking it a bit. Often it’s easy enough to change themes a bit from another year level to make them fit the curriculum topics of the new year level. A great place to go is Youtube and key in a topic. Don’t expect to find a lesson plan but great ideas that might spark you off in any direction.

Plan and do your research

2 – The new teacher next door

That teacher is probably just as anxious about me. I often worry about all the things that might go wrong but I have to just stop and remind myself that worry never changes anything. This is one of those things you need to be happy about teaching so the days before you start the new school year are not wasted with worry. There are only really two possibilities. The teacher next door will either be worse than I thought or just the most wonderful colleague to be partnered with. I choose to love others and treat them just as well as I would like to be. A kind word can make all the difference and even if it doesn’t it is still better to be kind and be a friend.

3 – Even if I get the student no one wants

If I don’t know what to do, I make sure I find out so I can differentiate learning for all my students. First of all, I find someone who I can trust. It may not be the previous teachers the student has had. I make sure I work out what it is I need to find out so I don’t overburden my colleague. Often I ask my husband since he is my most trusted confidant since most times teachers see the problem more than the solution because we have the students before us every day. Each student is unique so if I need to I will make sure I get some training before the next year begins to help me manage the student no one wants. 

Any Kid is Great to Teach

Any kid is great . . . . acceptance is bliss!

4 – No matter the classroom I get given

be happy

One of the things you need to be happy about is being dumped in the worst classroom. There’s always a classroom we teachers hope not to get. The one with the yuck furniture, right next to the smelly toilets or the noisy music room or bad lighting. Someone has to get it, so instead of griping, I choose to make the very best of it. Think outside the box and make it beautiful no matter what. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest if you’re stuck. You make the difference, not the things. Its up to YOU and ME.

5 – I plan, plan, plan

I always start the year with a sketched out plan of the year so I am free to be available for all the students in my class. The plan is never set in stone but I like to make sure the curriculum is covered with integrated themes throughout the year, making learning fun for students. I keep it flexible so I can change it at a moment’s notice to meet all my student’s needs. The plan is just the skin and bones, the body gets added as we progress through the year.

Sketch a plan and be happy

Sketch a plan and be happy

Don’t get the jitters – be happy about teaching

Don’t stress about the year level, acceptance is happiness. Endeavour to be a friend to all teachers no matter what or where they are located. Be happy about teaching even if you get that student no one wants. Make sure whatever classroom you get, to change into a great environment for your students. Finally, sketch out the year so no matter what comes up you’re ready. Add a comment below and share how you deal with starting a new school year.

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