5 simple tips for work-life balance that win!

5 simple tips for work-life balance that win!

5 simple tips for work-life balance

I love to teach and live your life by utilising 5 simple tips for work-life balance. If you’re feeling like you’re drowning under the weight of all you have to do, don’t give up teaching. 

I used to work long into the night, and I couldn’t stop thinking about school. Till one day, I decided to learn some smart work habits and stop taking masses of work home. 

Use these five tips for work-life balance and get stuff done

Do you ever find yourself at the end of the day wondering what exactly you accomplished? Or that you’re always busy no matter what you do? For most of us, it never feels like we have enough hours in the day. 

When you’re spinning your wheels in this way, even your best efforts don’t get you any closer to your goals. It’s as if you’re running in place on a treadmill and no matter how hard you push yourself you never go anywhere. 

But the reality is that you do have the time you need — it’s just being taken up by non-essential tasks that are overburdening you and getting in the way of what’s important. You just need to better manage your time

You, too, can use these tips for work-life balance. It may seem like mission impossible, but you can have a life beyond the classroom and still be a great teacher.

Work-life balance is having quality time with family

Are you tired of missing quality family time?

Imagine IF, in ten weeks, your workdays were 9 hours work, 7 hours life, 8 hours of sleep, with weekends and holidays free! 

Read on and discover the five tips for work-life balance that seems so hard to achieve but are really simple when you know how.

Flip the switch to stop thinking about school work

1 - What would you give if you could flip the switch and STOP thinking about school work for hours or even a weekend? 

I don’t know about you, but I used to think about school work even when I wasn’t physically doing it. I would be devising some new way to arrange the classroom in my head even when trying to get to sleep.

Not anymore! One of the tips for work-life balance is to Flip the switch immediately, creating smart work habits and get stuff done.

It makes life so simple. Do you want that same freedom? 

Go HERO helps you set 10 week goals that get done

2 - Set goals so they actually get fulfilled?

There are so many projects we have to get done. Where to start? Sometimes we just stay still in limbo not sure where to begin. The second of my tips for work-life balance sets goals that actually get done.

Don’t just expect things to get done without setting any goals. If we don’t take action we will continue to keep running on that time treadmill that takes you no where. Instead learn some tricks to get that work-life balance.

Set no more than three goals that link to each other and as you work on one it also completes parts of the other. Or another way that works better, set one goal per month to be completed within a month and get it done! You’ll feel so much better.

Plan in school hours for work-life balance

3 - I created my own Digital Planner to save time.

I used to write three lots of planning: a year at a glance overview, a deep term planner with curriculum strands, and a detailed weekly planner.

But, not since I devised a simple teacher productivity system that stopped all that. Imagine if you could eliminate excessive hours of planning and have all your weekends free for family time.

I created a Digital Planner for GoodNotes, that has a year at a glance, term focus shortcuts and weekly planning tricks. My digital planner is so easy to use and keep track of all I’m doing. GoodNotes syncs it on all my devices and my desktop.

Want a FREE copy? I’ve added it as a bonus to my Go HERO course, where you learn to get more done in less time and have fun earning PD hours with gamification.

Get work-life balance and stop taking work home

4 - Imagine getting all your work done within school hours?

You know when most of your after-school hours are spent on school work. To combat it, you try to relax watching Netflix but you’re not really because you’re doing school work, so neither gets done well. 

Or worse, you’re with your family but you can’t switch off from thinking about school stuff. School takes over everything. It’s there in your head and you’re not really listening to what others are saying.

These tips for work-life balance are not a dream. I created the Go HERO quest to help teachers get their school work done in their contracted hours, and stop taking work home. 

If I do take work home because none of us are perfect, I set the timer for one or two hours and get it done because of the systems I’ve set up and a little secret.

Dont take grading home

5 - Refine how you grade students work

I used to take a cartload of marking home every night and work long into the night, but it never finished.

The trick is to learn assessment tricks that enable you to grade fast. For example, one of the fastest ways I’ve found to grade writing is to use grading keys.

I circle the error and write a number. Students find the number on the grading key, read it and know immediately what the problem is and correct it. Students learn from the mistakes instead of just noting they got a bad grade for an assignment.

Now, if I take grading home, I only take one set of papers, set the timer for one hour and use a set of marking keys to grade fast.

Start the Go HERO quest today and get more tips for work-life balance that will reduce your non-contracted hours in 10 weeks.

Wanna Get More Done? Grab the Go HERO Roadmap

The course has five modules, each module has eight trainings. The material is practical and takes one hour max to study and one to implement per week. 

A FREE copy of my Digital Teacher Planner is included.

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On completion of the course, you will receive a 20-hour Professional Development Certificate.

PD Course


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Dream Big

Go HERO to Zero non-contracted hours

Work smarter not harder

Love to teach and live your life

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