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Meet our Team

Our Team is a devoted group of teachers and educators.

I Love to Teach 101 (ILTT), leverages diverse skill sets and talents in order to ensure that every base is covered. When it comes to educating our future, there is no such thing as “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Constantly inspired by our personal experiences and interactions, ILTT is our platform for sharing each others teaching resources..

Sylvia Skinner

Founder, Designer and Educationalist

Sylvia began her teaching career in Perth, Western Australia. For 15 years she lived in Solomon Islands. Five of those years she served as Principal and Teacher. Sylvia’s Principal duties helped her gain the skills to become our team leader. Her duties were very far-reaching being a new school. Developing and managing the budget, writing curriculum, teaching a class, training admin and teaching staff, and so on. The school became one of the top three, with students graduating in the top 20% to high school. This is something that is not ‘guaranteed’ there, as it is in other parts of the world. Now currently teaching in Australia.

Dumitru Cebotaru

Technical Engineer

Dumitru is a Php Developer with many years of experience. He keeps watch over the site and server making sure all is safe and secure. If you’re facing some issue on the site with downloading products or uploading he gets your support tickets. We do not want anyone to feel frustrated or alone with an issue that can be simply fixed by our ‘Tech Issues – Fix it’ Guy! I know the feeling! He’s always at hand to make sure we can resolve any issues asap. We can’t run this platform without him.

Peter Tamani

SI Team Manager

Tamani served as the Deputy Principal for the first five years at the school in Honiara, during the time that Sylvia served as Principal. Later stepping into the School Principal position, Tamani managed to balance his administrative duties while still teaching the Year Six class. Most weekends he visits his home village to train teachers, despite the long boat trip. Then returns to the capital just in time to teach Monday morning. Tamani also serves as a village elder, resolving conflicts that arise locally. He continues to help teachers, as our SI team manager helping us to get aid to those teachers in need.

Ray Skinner

Finance Director

Ray served as the Director of Pharmacy for Solomon Islands (SI) Government. He also, designed, prepared and facilitated Teaching Programmes for Nurses and other hospital staff. He currently manages a hospital pharmacy in Australia. Always ready to help, Ray was fundamental to the success of the Christian School in Honiara. He physically helped to build the school with the team of builders and served on the School Board. He is the official “behind the scenes” guy, for I Love to Teach 101. Ray continues to travel to the Islands, working closely with Tamani to ensure the annual ILTT teacher workshops run well.

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